img_1970I am from Stillwater, MN, and attended St. Paul Academy in St. Paul where I began competitively running in middle school and then added cross country skiing in high school.  I went on to Dartmouth College where I continued skiing and earned multiple All-American status.  After graduating from Dartmouth in 2014, I pursued professional ski racing, worked hard for four years, and qualified to represent the United States of America at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea.  As the Twin Cities is still home when I am not elsewhere, I chose Max Lipset of the Power House in St. Paul as my personal strength and fitness trainer.

At the outset of our coaching relationship, Max advised that nutrition would be as big a factor to success as anything I did in the weight room.  To kick start my new nutrition protocol, I signed up for a “Whole Life Challenge” session through the Power House.  Although I modified my chosen WLC program a bit to ensure I was consuming sufficient fuel as a professional athlete, through that experience I realized four life-changing things.  First, that I could eliminate refined sugar and lower quality carbohydrates from my diet without missing either.  Second, that eliminating virtually all processed food was no big deal.  Third, snacks don’t have to come out of a box.  And finally that instead of nutritionally restricted status, I had just opened the door to a previously unimaginable combination of superior nutrition and flavor.

I am hoping to use this site as a way to share and inspire others to make this change in their own lives.  Once you figure out that good, real food makes you feel really good…you won’t ever go back.

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I’ve also learned that cooking real food is the most wonderful way to connect with people.  Taking the time to understand what I am eating, and how to make it has been a truly transformative experience.  Pictured here with my boyfriend after finishing up a pea and asparagus risotto from an amazing cookbook, Nopi.